Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Quote of the Week

From the Writings of Professor Sennholz.

The Week of January 11, 2004

The Coming Storm:

"A few courageous men and women are sounding the alarm. To the limit of their ability and strength, they are engaging in a bitter intellectual struggle with the forces of disorder. Addressing every important economic and social issue, they are writing books, essays, and articles and lecturing fervently on the furies of debt. They abhor the capital consumption by the now-generation and the burdens placed on future generations. In dismay and despair they are pointing at the abyss toward which political society is rushing.

Other observers who should be able to see the coming storm unfortunately prefer to ignore it. They choose to remain popular with their fellow men who cannot and will not see the gathering clouds. They shun the world of intellectual combat and refuse to take a position on the burning issues of our time, on government debts and deficits, inflation, taxation, and unemployment. Fearful of unfavorable public reaction and personal repercussions, they huddle together and talk in soft voices while the storm is gathering strength."

Debts and Deficits,1987, pp. 101, 102.

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  • Prof. Sennholz is amazing and perspicacious. Look this gentleman up.

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