Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Interesting Developments?

What is in the water these days?

Is the world finally achieving a new level of sanity and reason?

India and Pakistan have agreed to hold peace talks.

Sudan and the southern Sudan People's Liberation Army have agreed to split net oil revenue 50-50. The country's oil reserves are located mainly in the south, this breakthrough may lead to an enduring peace. Western style banking will also be allowed in the southern region of Sudan. 2 million people have perished, primarily from massive famine, during the 20 year war.

North Korea has proposed a freeze on their nuclear energy and weapons development program.

Afghanistan has the outline of a constitution.

The U.S. is talking to Libya once again, and the Brits have vowed to help build a relationship.

Syrian President Bashar Assad visited Turkey for the first time.

Iran and Egypt have decided to resume full diplomatic ties.

China has decided to fully commercialize the Bank of China and China Construction Bank, two of China's four biggest state-owned banks. The reforms call for "sufficient capital, strict internal control, safe operations, good service and good economic returns." The announcement comes in preparation for allowing foreign competitors into the industry.

We still have a long way to go, but this all sounds like a good start. I hope this is not all talk.

Maybe, someone is answering our prayers.

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