Saturday, January 10, 2004

The Demise of the Pink Rabbit et al?

We need your support, and I hate to say, more than ever.

It looks like a certain "spider-man"

  • see recent Providence Phoenix article

  • by the name of A.G. Lynch may have the wrong idea about how to keep the children and citizens of Rhode Island safe and secure, supporting economic development, improving education, and promoting the arts...

    We are up against one hell of a fight (especially when the honorable Attorney General has a brother who happens to be the head of the democrat party in RI and a father who was the mayor of a neighbouring town). Unfortunately, Roger Williams and Anne Hutchison escaped tyranny and persecution only to see it institutionalized years later.

    Let's put the A.G. on the right track for the sake of his own children and all the children of the world: the future leaders of this great social experiment we know as life on planet earth.

    Thank you for all your support.

    Truth, Peace, Liberty, and Beauty,


    Postscript: For more of the story contact me via email or directly. Again, thank you, may you find liberty, peace, and happiness, and above all G*D bless.

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