Saturday, January 17, 2004

A Question of Human Rights, Life, and Liberty

The Extraordinary sights n sounds of Olneyville Need Your Help......

75+ Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Musicians, Church Owners, and Tenants May Be Facing Involuntary Eviction During the Coldest Month on Record.

Check the
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  • For More Info...

    Then click on the donate button on
  • Aubrey Herbert's Economic Education
  • To direct aid toward a sustainable work/live/art/music etc. space and/or temporary storage, transportation, and relocation.

    And in the process save the Munch-House, the Providence Civic Center, the sickle, the Box of Knives, the Bakery, the Pink Rabbit, the Diesel Penthouse, the Valhalla, the Olneyville Development Cooperative, the slrc, the Iglesios de D*os, the Institute for Business Cycle Research, the Universal Life Church et al...located at 244 Oak st. and 71 Troy st. in Olneyville (Gotham Valley), a corner of the Renaissance City of Providence, Rhode Island.

    Not to mention the sounds of Lightning Bolt, Japanese Karaoke Afterlife Experiment, Whitemice, The Body, Dropdead, The Awesomes, Necronomitron, swampthang, The Rip-Off Artists, Daughters...etc. in the neighbourhood.

    We have provided nothing, but an economic benefit to the surrounding business community and a safe, secure environment for all.

    And Halloween 2003 (Nothing, but Awesome @ the PR + Bakery),

    And the Olneyville Winter 2002 Art + Fashion show (My Apologies, Haha).

    What is next?

  • Providence...

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