Friday, October 10, 2003

Good News for the Private Production of Defense

FedEx starts its own police force to fight terrorism

The Wall Street Journal reports on FedEx's antiterrorism efforts. A vast cargo airline and distribution network must be protected to ensure business execution. The state of Tennessee has authorized a police force for the corporation. FedEx is now a part of the Memphis area Joint Terrorism Task Force, an interagency working group managed by the FBI.

A private police force qualifies the shipping company to serve on an FBI regional joint terrorism task force.

"If they feel there is a threat to a particular part of FedEx's operation, they can take steps to improve security in that area without revealing security information," says FBI agent George Bolds, general counsel in the FBI Memphis, Tenn., field office, where FedEx is based.

While I am skeptical of the extensive federal involvement, I do applaud the effort.

Corporations and non-profit associations can be trusted to act in the public interest; accountable and dedicated to the consumer, driven by the profit incentive under shareholder supervision, they are acutely aware of any abuse of power and exhaustingly concerned with efficiency, honesty, transparency, reputation, and quality.

Let's get FedEx, UPS, and the Paperboys moving in on the post office next.

Then extend the authority to transportation, electricity, gas, water supply, telecommunications, money supply, education, dams, public land, spectrum frequency, etc.

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