Thursday, October 09, 2003

Interesting California Recall Results

According to CNN exit polls:

21% of self-described female liberals voted for Schwarzenegger. 6% of female liberals voted for McClintock.

16% of female conservatives voted for Bustamante.

Those at the top of the education heap with post graduate study experience voted 44% for Bustamante to 38% for Schwarzenegger and 10% for McClintock.

The gay, lesbian, and bisexual vote went 51% for Bustamante, 32% for Schwarzenegger, and 4% for McClintock.

The Bay Area voted 51% in favor of Bustamante for governor over Arnold at 26%. 12% in the Bay Area voted for McClintock.

22% of folks in the Valley voted for Bustamante.

17% of black people voted for Schwarzenegger. 6% of black people voted for McClintock.

28% of white people voted for Bustamante. 13% of white people voted for McClintock.

Hispanics voted 52% for Bustamante to 31% for Arnold and 9% for Mclintock. Asian results were unavailable.

The "Other" race was split 37% for Bustamante and 37% for Schwarzenegger, they consist of 4% of the total population.

As always, the smartest people were the ones not voting. They would never submit to authority.

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