Friday, December 05, 2003

Bush Vs. Eminem

Comments from the peanut gallery...

Jessica Orlikowski -

"i think bush is a bull shitter. I'd believe eminem over him any day of the year. I think he sucks as a pres. Em would make a much better one then him. All we heard out of bush so far has been lies, eminem tells it how it is and doesn't go and makeup shit that he 'thinks'."

Michael Pacholek -

"Jessica, Eminem would make a better President than Bush. But, as that great political scientist Dick Smothers would say, "That was not a compliment." Eminem calls it the way he sees it, which means it's not a lie. But, unlike Bush, he's smart enough to know what the truth is. Mr. Hunt: Except maybe for the Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin, there is no liberal media. They're all owned by big corporations, and they serve the right wing. That was true in 1992, and it's true in 2003. Let's see, M vs. W... M lives in Detroit, W lives in Crawford, Texas... Eminem lives in a better place. M curses for a living, but he's not trying to impress anybody; W did it in front of an open microphone while he was running for President. Edge, M. M calls himself Slim Shady, W is slim and shady. Edge, M. W thinks his job is to drop bombs, M thinks his job is to drop F-bombs. Edge, W, since that is part of his job, but he does that part too much and neglects others. M makes millions of dollars drilling holes in people's sensitivities, W lost millions of dollars drilling holes in Texas desert, and lost billions of dollars drilling holes in the American economy. Edge, M. W hates liberals, non-Christians and Saddam; M hates everybody except his daughter, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. Edge, W, slightly. M likes to dress up as Robin, W is robbin' the American people blind. Edge, M, especially since it's the 1990s revamped Robin, not the 1960s TV-show- tights-wearin' Robin. M's daughter doesn't drink, W's daughters do... Edge, M. M roots for the Detroit Tigers, W for the Texas Rangers... The Tigers have won four World Series, so no matter how bad they are now, edge, M. M's mom does more dope than he does, W's mom thinks God wanted her son to be President... Edge, Mrs. Mathers. W's hair has gone awfully gray in just two years, M's hair is the same dopey blond crewcut it's been since we've known him... Edge, W, since Presidents are supposed to age in office. M hangs around with 50 Cent, former cocaine dealer... Tie. M has never been rightfully elected President, and never will be... That's a tie. Maybe we can use M's slogan for W in '04: Lose yourself!"

  • Am I right?

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