Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Audrey Hepburn Terrorized by War

Son: Audrey Hepburn had lifetime sadness

Hepburn was trapped in the Netherlands as a child when the German army invaded.

SANTA MONICA, California (AP) -- From Princess Anne in "Roman Holiday" to Eliza Doolittle in "My Fair Lady," Audrey Hepburn seemed the epitome of inner calm and self-reliance.

But to her son, she was a woman beset with sadness and self-doubt.

"She remembered vividly the fear she felt as a child when the German troops invaded the city of Arnhem, in the Netherlands, where she spent most of the war," writes Sean Hepburn Ferrer in his new book, "Audrey Hepburn, an Elegant Spirit."

"She also told us about how her brothers ate dog biscuits when there was nothing else to eat .... how the bread was green because the only flour available was made from peas. She spent the whole day in bed reading so as not to feel the hunger."

Hepburn also suffered the loss of her father -- not from the war, but by desertion. He left the family when war was declared, and she didn't see him until 20 years later, when she was an international movie star.

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