Sunday, November 30, 2003

More Depressing War News...

Some bullish visitors in Tikrit may find great opportunities and get in on a piece of the War profit that is disgracefully spreading through our government at the moment...


Governor: Tikrit, Iraq Open for Business

Jim Gomez reporting.

TIKRIT, Iraq (AP) -- In a tightly guarded ceremony, the governor of Saddam Hussein's home province declared Saturday that the region was open for business, and thanked foreign businessmen who attended a gathering wearing flak jackets and helmets.

The visitors were invited to Salahuddin province by U.S. military and Iraqi officials under tight security to attend the opening of a newly refurbished building that will serve as a business center for potential investors...

The new business center, which was repaired and furnished with $180,000 in U.S. aid, is located near a police station fortified with sandbags and concrete barriers to prevent suicide bombers from crashing through. Nearby, a building once used by Saddam's army lies in ruins, its walls blasted by U.S. air strikes.

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  • On a similiar note, our Presidents offer an awesome amplification of all our sins. Not one can seem to remain stable, rational or sane through their years in public office. Bush seems to be afflicted with either a national socialist streak, a fumbling of the truth disease, an ignorance of fundamentals and thus a stumbling in execution, or a very strange, pronounced plan to make it real bad and then suddenly:

    Bring all our troops home,
    End all foreign aid,
    Eliminate the welfare state,
    Let Israel stand on its own two feet like Netanyahu once advised,
    Allow every American stand up as well
    And Let the free market reign.

    I don't know, you tell me.

    I hope it is the last one.

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