Monday, October 27, 2003

Time for True Odds in Real-Time For All USG Activity

The USG must play fair. No more favors, special interests, favorites, 100 to 1 odds paying 10 to 1 pay-out. No more illegal activity protection acts. Persecuting free exchange while protecting a small elite with hands on the funnel. A few industries come to mind; gaming, horse racing, drugs, money laundering, justice, defense, and even public good, property rights, and labor. Tremendous demand exists, it is time to open up the supply. It is the end of corruption, inefficiency, waste, reduction in prices and malinvestment, productivity increases, economic growth, jobs, service offering quality and quantity, rises in income, property protection, and an end to the system of exploitation of territories and populations. It is high time, individual sovereignty was recognized as a birthright.

Given subjective valuation, intentional action, scarce resources, mutually beneficial exchange, time structure and preference, opportunity cost, service/good production process, consumer sovereignty, the business cycle, the nature of the use of knowledge, and the premium on personal security and comfort; the individual shall enjoy exclusive rights, and thus granted all rights, privileges, and immunities with regard to life, liberty, the pursuit happiness, education, free and peaceful cooperation, private production of defense, private utilization of resources, life, freedom of individualism, creation, innovation, service production, non-governmental adjudication of disputes, and dispensation of justice.

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