Saturday, October 25, 2003

More Questions for Don Rumsfeld

If Secretary Rumsfeld's memo is the depth of thought, the height of thinking outside the box, and the best the USG can offer, I have a few more questions for the secretary and his boss...

Is our every action and reaction causing an increase in terror activity?

Is the private production of defense the best route for completing our goals of security?

Could the money being spent best put toward another use? With less drastic consequences? Would the money remaining in the pocket of the taxpayer be the best outcome?

Can the American people protect themselves? Don't they anyway? Aren't the police nothing but louzy investigators ex post crime? When was the last time you heard of a policeman preventign a crime? In the best case, aren't they just a mechanism for revenue collection and an unneccesary intereference in the lives of citizens, who for the most part, are minding their own business?

Does the money and military arsenal we provide to nations around the world have anything to do with our current instability?

Does the confusion and complexity of our system of laws and regulations correlate with the increased lack of respect for morality and differentiation between right and wrong?

When these questions are answered, perhaps I would have a greater appreciation for our system of governance.

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