Sunday, January 22, 2006

Good Morning Iraq

Baghdad today, where tomorrow?

An Iraqi soldier flashes the v-sign as he patrols the streets. Meanwhile, rebels launch new attacks as the election results were announced and Iraqi political parties get ready for negotiations on the structure of the national government.

(Notice the chocolate chip camo, an American throw away because of its dismal record in the field, ie the black patches made for easy target practice. Nice touch.)

"Security Incidents" on Saturday

"Security Incidents" on Friday

Bombings Kill (at least) 15 in Iraq Capital on Thursday

The Real Struggle For Power Begins In Iraq

Iraq Rebels Plan Bombs, Not Talks After Polls

Iraq's Kurds Still Set On Independence

US Forces Close Road, Forcing Iraqi Drivers Onto A Killing Field

What Happened to Billions In Reconstruction Aid?

Iraq Conditioning US Army For Guerilla War

America Is Not Rome