Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Friedmanites Have No Realization that the State is a Gang of Thieves and Looters

A rare interview with Murray Rothbard by The New Banner is presented by the Mises Institute.

"These things are quite blatant; there is no secret about it. I think it is pretty clear that Friedman is a statist. I mean, if you are in favor of the state having control of the money supply, control of the education system, and a guaranteed annual income, that's it. There is not much more to be said. The fact that the Friedmanites are against price control is all very well, and I hail that, but the fundamental aspects of the state remain. The state still commands the highposts of the economy."

[They have no realization] "that they are exploiting the public, that they have a whole bureaucratic apparatus of exploitation, and that they are not just going to give it up.

They don't realize that the state is not a social instrument. It is an inimical organization which is hostile to society, plundering it, which has to be confined, whittled away, reduced and hopefully ultimately abolished."

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