Friday, November 11, 2005

Haaretz claims Israelis evacuated before Jordan bombings (later retracted)

The Israeli daily Ha'aretz claims Israeli citizens were evacuated from the Radisson Hotel in Amman hours before the bombing that killed 63.

On the 10th of November the Los Angeles Times used this quote in an article: "The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that Israelis staying at the Radisson on Wednesday had been evacuated before the attacks and escorted back home "apparently due to a specific security threat."

Amos N. Guiora, a former senior Israeli counter-terrorism official, said in a phone interview with The Times that sources in Israel had also told him about the pre-attack evacuations.

"It means there was excellent intelligence that this thing was going to happen," said Guiora, a former leader of the Israel Defense Forces who now heads the Institute for Global Security Law and Policy at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. "

Haaretz article.

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