Thursday, August 19, 2004

Mobile Homes: The Solution to Government Malfeasance?

An unfortunate solution to the draconian property tax laws around the world today:

James Burns, a Royal Air Force veteran and retired California attorney, has a novel reason for his living in a mobile home in a Hurricane-prone region of the United States according to Allan G. Breed, a writer with the Associated Press.

"He says he saw no point in paying exorbitant property taxes to 'prop up a corrupt government' when he could live comfortably in a trailer.

'That means I can spend all the rest on riotous living,' the 74-year-old Brit said with an impish grin."

Read the Entire Article "Mobile homes, powerless against hurricanes, plentiful in areas where Charley hit the hardest" at

Unfortunately for many other elderly folk, he didn't quite get into what exactly he meant by "riotous living" in his 70's.

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