Wednesday, February 04, 2004

President Bush Proposes Cut in Economic Education

As if economic education wasn't dismal enough in this country...

President Bush's 2005 budget proposal asks Congress to cut or eliminate 128 federal programs. Here are five of the largest and five of the smallest proposed cuts:

Large cuts

Money for new election equipment: $1.4 billion (96% cut)

First-responders funding: $805 million (18% cut)

Edward Byrne Memorial law enforcement grants: $704 million (would eliminate the program)

EPA funding not requested by White House: $511 million (would eliminate all that funding)

FAA modernization: $393 million (14% cut)

Small cuts (All these cuts would eliminate the programs)

B.J. Stupak scholarships for aspiring Olympic athletes: $1 million

Close Up Fellowships for low-income students and teachers: $1 million

Excellence in Economic Education (promotes economic and financial literacy): $1 million

Rehabilitation services for migrant and seasonal farm workers with disabilities: $2 million

Recreational programs for disabled people: $3 million

Source: White House Office of Management and Budget

If the list of cuts and eliminations ran into the thousands of pages, i'd be much happier. But, it is a start.

USA Today PDF List of Cuts and Eliminations

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